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Post 1921 Fourth Quarter 2008 Report

October 4
October 8
October 18
November 2
November 5      
November 8      
November 9      
November 9      
November 11
November 11
November 18
November 21
November 22
November 24
November 26

Ben Lomond Scottish Games     
PGR Homecoming Support         
PGR  Social  Gathering                   
Pleasanton Veterans Day Parade
PGR Homecoming Support         
Monterey Veterans Dinner        
Yountville Women’s Vet Lunch 
4th Force Recon Welcome Home
Yountville Veterans Home          
Veterans Day Parade San Jose  
Evergreen College                          
Moffett Field Post 881 Inaguration
PGR Welcome Home                     
Veteran’s Funeral
PGR Welcome Home                     

Post Tent and Clan March
Piper and Colors              
Meet with PGR Staff
Color Guard
Piper and Colors
Donation Ft Ord   Vet Cemetary
Color Guard
Piper and Colors
Color Guard
Escort Dignitaries
Color Guard
Appreciation Award
Appreciation Award


Links to (mostly) Sherry's photos (our official photographer):

2008-12-27 Cpl Wiggins Homecoming

2008-12-21 Homecoming

2008-12-13 Sacramento VVA Memorial Parade

2008-11-11 UVC Parade

2008-09-13 Fresno Games

2008-07-05 Monterey Games

2008-07-04 Redwood City Parade

2008-06-27 Vista Games

2008-05-24 Memorial Day Weekend

2008-05-18 Livermore Games

2008-05-17 JOB memorial Cruise

2008-04-27 Woodland Games

2008-04-05 Bakersfield Games

2008-03-16 Concord Sea Cadets

2008-03-09 Calavaras Celtic Fair

2008-02-16 Queen Mary Games

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