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A few years of military service enabled some of us to gain a college education.  For others, it was the start of a career.   For many veterans their military service was their earliest opportunity to gain independence, responsibility, and leadership skills while serving their country.  As Scots we wear the kilt instead of a military uniform to pay our respect and appreciation for what our Scottish ancestors endured, and to celebrate their traditions and culture.  And there’s also a way kilt-wearing veterans can still honor the traditions of their military service.  That’s by becoming a member of S.A.M.S., the Scottish-American Military Society!   

The Society was founded in 1981 as a non-profit veterans organization.  The membership is composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served -- or are serving -- in the Armed Forces of the United States and the Commonwealth.  

S.A.M.S. exists to preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage, by:

  •  Supporting Scottish activities at Highland Games;
  •  Providing a forum for the exchange of military history and genealogical information;
  •  Conducting public education programs;
  •  Presenting military student honor awards;
  •  Making contributions to qualified scholarship funds or institutions;
  •  Making appropriate charitable contributions;
  •  Providing a fraternal atmosphere for members.

Plus, S.A.M.S. is fun!   We provide a Color Guard to local community events and parades, we greet returning troops from overseas, and we have an annual Dining Out in traditional military style.  Our uniform is a service-type shirt which is worn with our kilts, and we have no ranks or rank insignia.  We’re all alike in S.A.M.S., serving our community and honoring our military service and Scottish heritage.

Membership is open to honorably discharged veterans or active duty, Reserve and Guard military persons who have served or are serving with any branch of the United States Armed Forces. If you support the purposes shown above and qualify, we welcome your membership!

For more information or to join S.A.M.S., email Chuck Jamison, Post 1921 Webmaster. []


Chuck Jamison- Post Commander

Two tours to Vietnam as a Navy SAR (Search and Rescue) Pilot in the 60s. SAR Officer for NAS Agana, Guam early 70s. Combat Engineer in the Oregon and California National Guard in the late 70s and 80s. Joined the 91st Division Band in the 90s and learned to play the pipes. Retired out of the 59th Army Guard band. Continue to participate in veteran support activities with the Association of the US Army, Patriot Guard Riders, and Scottish American Military Society. 

Dave Reynolds - Executive Officer

My military service began in the Navy ROTC at the University of Pennsylvania where I graduated in 1984 with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and my ensign's commission. My 12 year military service consisted of tours on three Submarines, the USS John Adams SSBN 620(B) the Lewis and Clark SSBN 644(G) and the USS Kentucky SSBN 737(G). I also served on two submarine squadron staffs, Squadron 18 in North Charleston, SC and Squadron 20 in Kings Bay, GA. I'm nuclear engineer qualified, qualified in submarines, and spent the majority of my Navy time in the nuclear weapons world either as a division officer or department head or as an inspector on squadron staff. I was a recipient of the "Peace Dividend" and invited by the Navy to find other things to do with my time in 1996. My civilian career has been spent in the SF Bay Area building communications satellites for the past twenty plus years and my goal is to retire from the same job in another dozen years or so. I have my MBA, and graduate level training in Program/Project management. I am also active in the Knights of Columbus where I have held many positions of increasing responsibility, and serve in their Color Corps to render honors at events and services. I am active in the Post Color Guard and after a whirlwind introduction to the SAMS post have attained the position of XO after four months as a member, where I currently serve. My hobbies include golfing very poorly and cooking very well, as well as marching around with swords and flags.

John Hassenplug - Comptroller

My military service consisted of 10 years active and 14 years reserve duty as a Supply Office in the U.S. Navy. I retired as a Captain (O-6). My active duty stations included a Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine, an Aircraft Carrier and several shore stations. I am qualified in submarines. My civilian career included positions in accounting, purchasing and facilities management. I have a Bachelors Degree in Accounting, a Masters Degree in Management and an MBA in Accounting. I am currently retired and keep active as a volunteer on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, a WW II Liberty Ship home ported in San Francisco, CA. I am active in the Post Color Guard and served as XO, CO and am currently the Comptroller.


Sandy Welsh - Adjutant

Jerry Long - Color Guard Sargeant, Past Post Commander


Fran McVey - Regional Commander

Fran joined the Naval Reserve while still in high school.  Through additional training each summer, he advanced to Quartermaster Second Class by the time of his graduation at the University of Arizona.  He went to OCS in Pensacola and received his  Naval Flight Officer’s wings in Corpus Christi in 1969.  He served two overseas tours, including Vietnam in P-3 Orion’s with Patrol Squadron 50.  Upon returning to the Naval Reserve, he continued to fly for 11 years with Patrol Squadron 91.  He later qualified as a Command and Control Watch Officer in the ASWOC Intelligence Community.  His  last operational assignment was Executive Officer of the Reserve Patrol Wing at Moffett Field.  Fran qualified as Tactical Coordinator/Mission Commander, amassing some 3,000 hours flight time, including 300 hours during Market Time in Vietnam.  He has qualified as both Navigator and TACCO in P-3 Alphas, P-3 Bravos, P-3 Bravo Mods, and P-3 Charlies.  Fran retired with the rank of Commander in 1995.

Fran was employed by the City of San Jose, CA as an Executive Manager in multiple departments and later the City of Concord, CA.  He currently works as an Executive Management consultant to local governments with a nationwide company. 

Fran joined SAMS in the mid-1990’s , served two tours as Post 1921 Executive Officer, two tours as Post 1921 Post Commander, was appointed as West Regional Commander in 2004 and elected as a National Councilor in 2010. 

Jo Lawrence - National Adjutant

Jo A. Lawrence. Born and raised Sacramento, CA. 1959 moved to Madrid, Spain. Graduated Madrid-Torrejon High School 1961. Currently Executive Committee, MHS/THS Alumni Association. Enlisted Navy, Nov. 1961. Hospital Corps. duty station, Naval Hospital Oakland "Oak Knoll". Discharged Nov. 1964. Employee of Dep of the Navy for 30 years. Retired when bases closed in the San Francisco Bay Area. Life member VVA, Member VVA Chapter 400, served on Board of Directors and Chapter President for two terms. Life member SAMS. Served as Nat. Vice Commander and currently Nat. Adjutant. Managing editor quarterly magazine The Patriot. Member Post 1921, served as CO, XO, Adjutant, editor Post newsletter.

Doug Kenyon - National Councilor

US Navy 1970-74 [Three Tours Vietnam], US Navy Reserve 1974-76, US Army Reserve 1976-82.
A.S., Occupational Safety & Health, B.S., Business Administration, Juris Doctor
SAMS Color Guard & Post Activities, Past Vice President, Monterey County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee, SAMS National Councilor – Four Terms, Board Member, Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation, Life Member Navy League, American Legion Post 593 Clan MacKintosh, N. A., Past President, Scottish Society of the Monterey Peninsula
General Manager, Republic Services, Salinas, CA., Retired after 34 years in Solid Waste & Recycling Industry 

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